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Emily MD, Direct Primary Care

Welcome to Emily MD, Direct Primary Care


It's time to get back to the basics in medicine.  That means focusing on what is best for patients and their families.  Emily MD is a unique family medicine practice in Moscow.  My goal is to provide top-notch primary care and to do so in a way that meets the needs of today's busy patients. 

How are we different?  In summary... 

Longer visits. You need time to ask questions, be heard, and I need time to answer. 

Direct access to me. Sometimes a text or phone chat is all you need.  

Only me. Because continuity of care matters. 

Same day and next day visits.  

Flexible hours. People get sick at night and on weekends, too. I will do my best to be available when you need me.

House calls when medically necessary (elderly, newborns, severe illness).

Technology visits (video chats, text, phone, email). 

Works well while working or traveling! 

And more...

I will keep my practice small so that I can provide a personalized level of care that isn't possible in today's large, busy medical practices. 


Contact us to learn more.

DPC Video

Check out this great video to learn more about DPC

Contact Us

Clinic phone number 208-596-4115. 

Fax 662-214-6396.

Enrollment is NOW CLOSED.  Please send email or call to be placed on waiting list. 

Emily MD, Direct Primary Care

904 S. Jefferson St., Moscow, ID 83843


Mon-Thurs, 8am- 4:30pm, by appointment only. 

* Some availability on Friday's if needed. 

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