Frequently Asked Questions


Of course you have questions! Please feel free to call or email us to discuss. We're here to help.

Do you take insurance? What if I have an HMO?

Emily MD does not participate in any insurance plans. Membership in DPC clinics including Emily MD is NOT considered insurance. Under the Idaho Direct Primary Care Act, effective July 2015, neither the physician nor the member may submit a bill for payment of services provided by a DPC practice.  

If a patient is a member of an HMO (health maintenance organization), DPC may not be the best option.  HMO's control the patients' care by requiring in-network providers and referrals.  This is not as much of an issue in the Palouse as it is in others areas of the country. 

Dr Todd is happily considered "out of network" for all insurance plans.

Does this meet the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) insurance requirement to avoid tax penalties?

No, not by itself.  It is not insurance.  However, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) does allow this to meet the minimum requirement if it is combined with a high deductible health plan (HDHP).  These plans are referred to as “bronze level plans” and can be found on are over 30 exemptions from ACA tax penalties. Consult your tax advisor). The tax penatly will now be $0 for not having insurance as of Jan 2019. 

Do I still need insurance?

Though Emily MD will cover approximately 85-90% of the medical care most people will ever need, it is still recommended that our patients have a "catastrophic" medical insurance policy (or healthcare sharing ministry products) to cover unforeseen surgeries, hospitalizations, radiologic imaging, specialty visits and any true emergency department visits.    

DPC does not meet the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) insurance requirement to avoid historical tax penalties if not combined with a high deductible health insurance plan.   These plans are referred to as “bronze level plans” and can be found on The requirement for health insurance will go away as of January 2019 and the tax penalty will now be $0.  

If I am already paying a monthly fee for health insurance, why do I need Emily MD, DPC?

In most cases, patients save money by choosing a higher deductible health plan and paying directly for medical care through Emily MD.  

At Emily MD, we don’t believe insurance should be used for routine, expected medical care.  You don’t use your homeowner’s insurance to pay for lawn maintenance or to make minor repairs.  You don’t use your automotive insurance to fill the gas tank or replace the oil or tires.  Why would you use health insurance for a cold, to treat diabetes or high blood pressure?  Health insurance should be there to cover unexpected or high ticket medical costs.  We will make your DPC medical care cost less than you pay for your cell phone or cable bill.

Does Dr. Emily see patients who are not members?

Not usually (exception- sports physicals, visiting guests of enrolled patients). 

We believe that DPC membership offers an incredible value.  An entire year of DPC membership may cost the same as a few urgent care visits or office visit co-pays in one year.  Membership provides you with wholesale medications, same-day or next-day appointments, and full access to me (Dr Emily Todd) via phone, text, email or webcam.  Give us a try!

How is DPC different from Concierge Medicine?

Concierge doctors charge an expensive membership fee AND bill insurance.  They are essentially getting paid TWICE for providing care.  Whereas, DPC doctors only charge an affordable membership fee and do not bill insurance yet provide concierge-like access to their patients.  

What is NOT included in DPC membership?

Specialist services. Surgeries. Medications. Physical therapy. Any services rendered by other facilities or by another provider, in the event that Dr Todd is not available. 

Membership Questions


Does Dr Emily treat patients of all ages?

Yes!  Newborns to elderly.   I love the diversity of taking care of patients of all ages, and from all walks of life!  Getting to know my patients, their backgrounds, interests and support systems is a privilege, and it give me a better idea of their healthcare needs.

Does Dr Emily prescribe contraception?

Yes! I prescribe all types of birth control, from birth control pills and vaginal rings, to inserting intrauterine devices (IUDs) and nexplanon devices.  (The IUDs and nexplanons are expensive and insurance is recommended to obtain these devices from local pharmacies for Dr Emily to insert in clinic).  Depo-provera injections are also offered at Emily MD.

Does Dr Emily prescribe chronic narcotics?

Given our nationwide opioid epidemic, I do not prescribe long-term opioids to non-cancer patients. I will work with patients to provide non-opioid pain management.  I will not assume prescriptions of long-term narcotics from members' previous providers. 

If I have Medicare, may I still join as a patient?

YES!  Dr Todd opted-out of Medicare in late July 2018.  Medicare patients may enroll in the clinic but will sign a waiver that they acknowledge that Dr Todd will not submit bills to Medicare for reimbursement. The membership fee will be paid separately by the patient, not by insurance.  Medicare may be used for items Dr Todd orders for Medicare patients, such as labs, meds, xrays, speciality visits, etc.  

Are Emily MD's monthly membership fees eligible for HSA or FSA reimbursement?

DPC may qualify as reimbursable through a FSA (flexible spending account). Currently, the IRS does not want your HSA (health savings account) funds to be used for membership, but HSA may be used for labs, meds, radiology and specialty services.  Legislature is reviewing current bills fighting this issue.  Talk to your accountant about whether your HSA may be used.

When and how do I pay the membership fee?

Membership fees are charged monthly to your bank account, credit or debit card. There is a 5% discount if you pay up front annually.   If you would like to use your bank account (checks) instead of enrolling online w/ a credit or debit card, please contact the office. 

More membership questions

Are you willing to provide "virtual" medical visits?

Yes! Emily MD members, when appropriate, can use texts, phone calls and video calls to communicate with me. In many cases, questions can be answered and diagnoses made (or ruled out) without an office visit. This saves patients time and money and it is covered by your membership fee.

At which hospital do you have privileges?

I am on medical staff w/ full privileges at Gritman Medical Center in Moscow. 

If I am admitted to the hospital, will you care for me there?

Yes and no.  I am in the rotation of pediatric hospitalist providers at Gritman.  I will maintain pediatric hospital care in the event your child is born or admitted at Gritman. Adults admitted at Gritman are under the care of Gritman adult hospitailsts. I will work closely with the doctors there to optimize your care, I will see you in the hospital if/when appropriate, and I will provide seamless follow-up upon hospital discharge.  

Does Dr Emily take care of mental health conditions?

I am experienced with many mental health conditions, from anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and bipolar disorder.  My time as an Army doctor gave me a great amount of experience taking care of mental health disorders.  I will also refer patients to psychiatrists for more severe mental health conditions, such as psychosis due to bipolar, schizophrenia and other conditions.  I believe many people will benefit from counseling, and I will help coordinate care with local counselors. 

What if I get sick when I am traveling?

Given the small size of my practice, I will have the benefit of knowing you and your medical history well. So I will do as much as I can safely via phone, text or video. This long-distance care may include calling in a prescription to a local pharmacy where you are traveling, and if indicated, I will help you find a local urgent care or ER should further evaluation or testing be required. 

What happens when Dr Emily goes on vacation?

There will be very few times when I will not be available to care for my patients.I plan to take 3 weeks off each year for vacation and time away.  Many issues may be addressed without an office visit and may be addressed via phone or email. 

Any further questions? Give us a call or email!