Enrollment Fee

Patients join Emily MD by paying a one-time $75 registration fee (or $150 max family registration fee), followed by a monthly membership fee.

Monthly Membership Fee

 The monthly membership fee will be paid every month, regardless if you are seen that month or not. The fee varies by the age of the patient: 

0-19 years: $20 (starting Jan 1, 2019, rate will increase to $40 if parent not also enrolled)

College/Grad students w/ ID : $25

20-29 yrs: $40

30-39 yrs: $50

40-49 yrs: $60

50-59 yrs: $70

60-89 yrs: $80

90+ yrs: $25 (limited space available)

Family max if living in same home: $150

* Ask about discounts available for military veterans

Local Business Owner Pricing:  Through Dec 31, 2018, Emily MD is offering a discount to local business owners who agree to pay the enrollment fee and some or all of the monthly membership fee for their employees. This tax-deductible fee is a valuable employee benefit.
Enrollment fee : $50/ employee

$50/month/employee (or per age-tier fee if under age 30) 

Dr Todd is happy to do on-site business enrollment. Call to schedule! 

Thinking about joining Emily MD but have some additional questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us.