About Us


Emily MD is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. Emily Todd, MD, is the only provider. That means that I work for you... not for insurance companies or employers or big hospital systems. Just you. This is a fundamental difference from what has become the norm in primary care medicine. 

By removing the administrative burden and red tape that come along with 3rd party payers, we make access to your doctor and your entire experience of care amazingly simple. 

To learn more about pricing and how to enroll, please see the Membership page. 

What is included? 

  • All wellness visits, including well child visits with vaccines included, well woman visits (paps), and well-adult physicals.
  • Sick visits (acute or chronic care)
  • Phone, email text or video/ webcam consultations
  • Direct access to Dr. Todd
  • Newborn well visits (including at Gritman Medical Center after delivery)
  • School & camp physicals
  • Vaccines for children ages 0-18 (state-supplied) at no additional cost**
  • Longer, unhurried appointments
  • Convenient scheduling (same day, next day, if urgent)
  • Continuity of care (urgent care visits with your own family doctor)
  • Comprehensive care (coordination with specialists, follow-up visits, etc)
  • Procedures: Skin biopsies, skin cryotherapy of pre-malignant or irritating skin lesions, shave removal of skin tags or raised moles, EKG's, peak flow meter, breathing treatments, GYN procedures and contraception, toenail removal, circumcisions. (Additional charge for contraceptive devices- bought at cost and sold at cost to you, or ordered at a local pharmacy to use your insurance). Additional charge for pathology specimen for skin biopsies at negotiated discounted rate)
  • Negotiated approximately 90% discount to enrolled patients for labs through Labcorp (billed through clinic, not insurance) and/or Pathologist Regional Labs. You may opt to use insurance for labs, instead, but won't get discounted lab prices with insurance. 
  • Whole-sale medications in the clinic (except controlled substances).  Many patients save more than what they pay the monthly membership in pharmacy savings!  Dr Todd can also prescribe to any local pharmacy, if you prefer to use your insurance for medications. 
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a board-certified, caring, experienced, thoughtful family doctor who is managing your health and wellness. 

See FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to learn more.